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Contribute to Scouting Spots!

    Scouting Spots shows you all the spots OTHER scouters know, and have volunteered and taken the time to enter here for your benefit. It's your chance now to contribute and help other new scout leaders find exciting, fun, and meaningful places to go scouting, and give those experiences to more scouts and scouters.This is how we, the active scouters, pay it forward to all those we may never meet, but who were volunTOLD to show up with their child and lead a unit. They need your help, as everyone did when they started leading boys and girls on the paths to becoming men and women. Take a few minutes and post your "Top 10" spots. Let other scouts and scouters know about the 10 best places you know to work on the Patrol Method, and develop all the skills a scout needs to become a leader in their neighborhood, their community, their city, and perhaps the country or the world.It all begins with you. You need to share your knowledge of the hidden places that can teach so much to our youth.Enter your TOP 10 Spots Today!